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Ish Monroe has found his perch in the heavily white world of bass fishing



Gary Faulkner Jr. is the only active black bowler to have won a major PBA title




NBA stars taste the wine business (ESPN’s The Undefeated)



Kai Lightner, 17, aims to be the best rock climber in the country (ESPN’s The Undefeated)



Body Lab: Putting elite athletes under the microscope (California Sunday)



Katrina Adams, Tennis’s First African-American President, Seeks to Diversify the Sport (ESPN’s The Undefeated)



Fred Whitfield and the Black Cowboys of Rodeo (ESPN’s The Undefeated)



Let’s Make Some Noise! A look at NFL stadium acoustics (California Sunday)



Unhackable: The quest for an email the government can’t read (Harper’s cover story)



I Lost to Redfoo: A Tennis story. (ESPN Grantland)

The Seventh Coming. A profile of a black high school basketball star at a South Carolina private school founded in defiance of integration (ESPN Grantland)

How Pappy Van Winkle Became King of the Whiskeys (Grub Street/New York Magazine)

Are two hands better than one? The demise of the one-handed backhand (Sports on Earth)

One Kings Lane, the biggest (furniture) tag sale on Earth (New York Magazine)

Nephi Craig, farm to table food, and the movement to rediscover Native American cooking (Newsweek)



The Super Bowl! (of fishing): Searching for a hero at the Bassmaster Classic



Ernests Goes to the Open: a profile of rising Latvian tennis star, Ernest Gulbis

The Once and Future Saint. A profile of an iconic Detroit basketball gym

The Futures is Bleak: Behind the scenes on the bottom rung of professional tennis



Chris Duhon vs. Rec Leaguer: An Indicted Art Dealer’s $50K bad beat


The New York Times Magazine

The longest winning streak in college sports history belongs to Trinity College’s men’s squash team, which squashes the Ivies at their own game

Skate along with the Gotham Girls, winners of the 2008 Roller Derby national championships

One restaurant’s no tipping policy and the curious history of tipping in America

Meet Shad Smith, the openly gay, ex-con professional mixed martial artist and underground fighter

A profile of Donald Young, the onetime Future of American Tennis

The New York Times

A few dollars to help a tennis prospect

Essay: A self-defeating adventure in self-rating (in tennis)

Trinity College’s men’s squash team’s historic winning streak comes to an end

Bloomberg Businessweek

Wall Street’s lacrosse mafia

As Linsanity Rages, so does Harvard hoops

SMU Football’s second coming

Jeff Foster, the Buffett of basketball

Notre Dame, the fleecing Irish

Youth quarterback camps find a profitable seam

Behind the scenes of the NFL strike

The London hedge fund that’s betting on sports

Resmondo, the best corporate soft ball team in America

The Nation

Squash (the sport, that is) and the revolution in Egypt

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford’s wild ride

Bush’s Somalia strategy enables an African despot

A tale of two South Carolina museums: one honors a Confederate submarine; another explores the state’s shameful history of slavery

The Atlantic

Ground war: Can Army finally beat Navy?

America’s underground chefs

In Lebanon, a wine Renaissance

Does culinary school matter?

Why does milk go bad faster in New York City?

The Paris Review

About the mysterious appearance of Kanye West in Patrick French’s V.S. Naipaul biography

Hezbollah: Lebanon’s Paper Tiger

Saudi Arabia proposes a peace plan

Who killed Lebanese warlord Elie Hobeika?

Beirut, Lebanon after 9/11

New York Observer

Brad Pitt goes to climate class

The court’s a catwalk; these models can dunk!

Manhattan merlot mystery: Why is wine so pricey?

Legal Affairs

Bigger is better: How South Carolina finally got rid of its minibottles

Myrtle Beach’s separate and unequal biker rallies


The State newspaper (South Carolina)

Forest Lake Country Club: Columbia’s last whites-only country club     PDF doc